Course: Jyotish – Power of the Planets



What if the radiance of the stars held the story of you? Jyotish means the science of light and is the original science of existence. As a sister science to Yoga and Ayurveda, Jyotish is one of the most profound and efficient tools for recognizing the uniqueness of you.

Go at your own pace: 8 recorded classes + PDF’s for each, plus a page of inspiration and insight for each planet, and a bonus class on the Nodes.

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In this class we take a magical mystery tour of the cosmos, looking at the role of each planet, its rulership and its power; the signs and their indications, qualities and elements; the direction and meanings of each house, and the relationships between them all and the impact of those relationships.

You also learn how to read a chart, and how to use it as a Yantra of your greatness.

8 recorded classes, with over 20 hours of learning + PDF’s for each, plus a page of inspiration and insight for each planet. Go at your own pace, take your time to immerses yourself in the genius of the stars.

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