Light on Saturn: Building Your Dreams


February 22, 1pm PST 

On January 24, Saturn moved into Capricorn, where he is in dignity.  With Jupiter in dignity in Sagittarius, these two maha planets, the teachers of the cosmos, are inviting us to get clear on our dharma and take action.

Learn about the power of Saturn to ground your dreams with structure and pragmatism in this second class in my new series, Peering Into The Stars: Vedic Astrology & You.

2 hours: 90 minutes Class + 30 minutes Q&A

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Saturn is the planet of structure, of slow and steady steps, of releasing attachment and just getting it done. With his current transit into Capricorn, there is energy now to realize, to make real, to ground and nurture the reality of your dreams.

In this workshop we will focus on how Saturn wants to help you this year, very specifically where he is active in your life right now, how to call that in for positive help, and use it to its best benefit, to serve and grow in practical, potent ways.

This is the second in a series on the planets, and the launch of My Big Idea movement, helping you launch your big idea for the world. I’ve moved the time to 1pm California time so that my friends in Australia, where it will be 8am Sunday, can join.

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