April 25: Light On Venus


2 hour Video Class + Member Page 

“The longing at the heart of attraction is for union with the Beautiful.” ~ John O’Donohue

Explore the genius of Jyotish with this third class in my new series, Jyotish: Peering Into The Stars – Vedic Astrology & You. Learn about the power of Venus to bring beauty, love, creativity, inspiration and all that delights in this wild world – what it means for you based on your chart, as well as how to cultivate more of “her” highest gifts for a sacred, sumptuous  year.

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Venus is the planet of beauty, bounty, love and art. Looking at Venus’ position in your chart will help you better understand your relationships, including your relationship to wealth, and your creative gifts.

After registering, you will be sent a link to a dedicated Venus Page where you can access the class recording as a video or audio replay, plus get bonus material to expand your knowledge, and return to any time you want.


Learn more about Jyotish here, or book a session to learn more about *your* stars and how this year’s transits will uplift you.


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