Ayurveda Soothing Summer Reset


Purify. Refresh. Renew.

Summer balance is all about calm, cool and collected – with an emphasis on cool. This summer, my Ayurveda seasonal cleanse includes favorite traditional summer recipes + new innovative, easy meals, a morning Yoga practice, an evening guided meditation, 8 daily Classes of learning, kitchen prep, and support, plus a Facebook community for questions, inspiration and connection.

65 pages of recipes and Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom, plus welcome video with introduction and how to get started, plus the recorded classes are all available for you to go at your own pace now as you learn, grow, balance, restore.

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My Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse
Refresh & Restore 

Purify. Refresh. Renew.

With over 65 pages of recipes and Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom, and delicious Summer Kitchari, this Cleanse is designed to calm Pitta, reduce chronic inflammation, support your liver, cool your mind, and ease you through the summer into Autumn, restoring balance and renewed vitality.

You get so many goodies: A web page with 8 recorded 1-hour classes for you to watch any time, an in-depth recipe booklet, a Yoga class, a Pranayama practice, a meditation audion, plus a welcome video with introduction to get you started enjoying summer balancing meals and rituals.

8 recorded classes for over 10 hours of Summer Wellness Ayurvedic learning. 


“This has been so helpful in reducing my rash. I’ve just watched as the inflammation washes away.” ~ Kate

“I feel amazing! Most of all, I feel my spirit alive again!” ~ Nancy

“Thank you for the tender loving way you hold and inspire us.” ~ Joyce

“The Summer cleanse has reignited my appreciation for the taste, color and life of fresh foods, and given me such a great sense of clarity, vibrancy and aliveness! Thank you.” ~ Kim K

“Laura,  I’ve lost thirty pounds! Ever since I did your Spring Cleanse, the weight has just melted away. It has been so easy, natural and healthy. I feel great!” ~ Gina 

“You have to publish a book! Your recipes are SO delicious.” ~ Larry 

“This has been such a relief! I feel myself again. Thank you!” ~ Donna