The Moon & Her Stars Monthly

$55.00 / month for 6 months

The Nakshatras are fundamental and unique to Jyotish. Understanding these “lunar mansions” opens you to the light of this world, to the invisible, but dynamic energies at play each and every day.

The Moon & Her Stars meets twice a month on Sundays at 10am Pacfic Time. All classes are Live, and recorded for replay at your convenience.

Each class is 90 minutes long + time for Q&A, and includes:
✨ Mantra ✨ Meditation ✨ Journal prompts ✨ Details on each Nakshatra ✨ Practices to align or invite its energies ✨ Q&A

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Course dates are below. $55 is the discounted subscription fee.

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The Moon & Her Stars

One must deeply encounter and explore the nakshatras to appreciate the diversity and richness of Vedic astrology. ~ Dennis Harness

The Nakshatra system is fundamental to Jyotish and a fundamental difference between Western and Vedic astrology.

With a focus on the Lunar Mansions, known as Nakshatras, in these classes we follow the monthly moon cycles as they wax and wane so we can tune in and have our own felt experience as a living wisdom.

The course offer lots of scholarship, history, myth and mantra, as well personal practices to help you deepen into the rhythms of energy and harness the energies for your most sacred, sumptuous life.

Meeting twice a month for each New Moon and Full Moon, classe are 90 minutes + and include:
✨ Mantra
✨ Meditation
✨ Journal prompts
✨ Details on each Nakshatra
✨ Practices to align or invite its energies

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The Moon & Her Stars Course dates:
Sundays 10am Pacfic Time

✨November 6, 20
✨December 4, 18
✨Course continues in 2023: Dates coming soon!

All classes are recorded and available for replay the following day, Moonday! Class recordings will be available for the duration of your participation.

Please note: $55 is the monthly fee. Payment is monthly, at the start of each month. You can opt out of this series at any time, but classes paid for are not refundable.

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Jyotish: Light on the Planets is not a prerequisite for this series, but will certainly help enormously in understanding, connection and ease. 


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