The New Year Sky: 2024 Forecast



Jyotish gives us a powerful look at the forces of nature as they affect us individually, and the world generally. It is helpful, and fun, to look at the new year chart to see what energies we have to work with in this emerging year – and 2024 is looking good!

2023 brought turbulence, but 2024 begins with strength. Let’s look at what that might mean for you.
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2023 brought turbulence, but 2024 begins with strength. Nature, including the skies, is always dynamic, with its varying tensions, but for now most planets are in a favorable position and able to give good results for the start of this year.

The Sanskrit word “Jyotish” means the science of light and is is referred to as the “Eye of the Vedas.” It uses Equatorial Astronomy or the Sidereal system to calculate the movement of planets in our solar system against the background field of stars.

“We are not fortune tellers, but guides in transformational awareness and evolution.”
~ Dr. David Frawley on Jyotish

This year, Jyotish sees some relief after a challenging few years. There are beneficial movements on the horizon this year that I’d like to share with you so you can tune to the emerging harmonies and harness the support of the cosmos.

2.5 hour class with a presentation of the 2024 trends, including eclipses and retrograde periods, key dates for you to mark on your calendar, and a deeper dive into how this may affect you according to your chart + Q&A for the last half hour.

Learn about this New Year sky, with specifics as to how nature can support you this year according to your chart, and some prompts and intention-setting for your best unfolding over this coming year.


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