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3 Consults, with coaching + email support

Ayurveda relies on momentum for success, best achieved with affirming support and weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Consults are an hour, on Zoom or in-person – as determined by your location or preference, and include email follow-up with summary and action plan, all to give you dynamic inspiration to move forward in practical, potent ways.

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AYURVEDA is a genius science supporting the genius of you. What I love so much about Ayurveda is that it recognizes your own innate body wisdom and life intelligence, and supports in the most loving and generative ways your fullest radiance and creative aliveness.

It is a joy to work with people and witness the light bulb moments, the Ahas, the awakenings, and above all the life-changing, heart opening, eye-popping joy that emerges.

If you are ready to explore what Ayurveda has for you, but not sure you need three, I invite you to book one session, and we can convert it to the 3 with discounts if you then choose. Or email me. It is all about you!

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Ayurveda & Yoga rely on momentum, small daily steps, to move your life forward. This is best achieved with weekly consults and email support. Each month period, we will meet three times- in-person or by phone, skype or facetime – as determined by your location or preference, and I will follow-up with email summaries, action plans and motivation. All consults are 50 minutes, and every consult offers you compassionate listening, uniquely tailored wise living skills, and dynamic inspiration to take your life forward in practical, powerful ways.

My clients have gone from lost to love, debt to prosperity, confusion to clarity, feeling powerless to living powerfully, authentically, creatively, joyfully.  It is always Extraordinary to see people heal, transform and soar through these Vedic sciences.

We can work together Mondays or Thursdays, in person or via Zoom. Please go to my online calendar or email me to find the perfect time for you: {and ask about payment plans}.

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Save by booking a series, and give yourself a victory with Vedic tools and sustained support. I look forward to working with you.