Thank you for visiting my site. As a gift, here’s a Sacred, Sumptuous Meditation I have created to help you remember that you are sacred, sumptuous, beautiful and loved. Just pop your name and email in and it will instantly open a window with the audio. Listen daily, share with friends, gift it to someone special. Let’s share the truth, and the love. 

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I love your meditations. So much!! For 18 months now it is a practice of mine, but listening to your heart-centering meditation in the morning and the Sacred Remembrance at night has revitalized my practice. Yes – they are a deep remembrance. Perfect word. I have a number of recorded meditations but I like yours best of all!

Pamela H.

The meditations you lead are some of the most powerful I have ever done. Complete relaxation. How can I get more?

Charlene N.

Laura, I am totally blown away. You are a Master. Meditation with you is a priceless gift.

Marcia K.