self-guided-summer-cleanse-4Summer Cleanse Sale

Feeling hot and bothered? Overwhelmed? Depleted or fatigued? 

My Self-Guided Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse will help you reset and renew – reducing excess Pitta that can cause inflammation and irritation – so you can enjoy the fun and freedom of late summer.

With fresh smoothies, easy recipes and a delicious Summer Kitchari, plus bonus gifts of a relaxation audio and a gentle yoga practice video, this Cleanse is designed to help calm Pitta, reduce chronic inflammation, support your liver, cool your mind, and ease you through August into the upcoming transition into Autumn, releasing new vitality, and restoring vibrant energy. 


“The Summer cleanse has reignited my appreciation for the taste, color and life of fresh foods, and given me such a great sense of clarity, vibrancy and aliveness! Thank you.” ~ Kim 


Self Guided Summer Cleanse Summer Sale For Only $18: Purchase Now

My Ayurvedic Self Guided Summer Cleanse includes:
1. Welcome Video: Summarizing the principles and purpose.
2. Summer Cleanse Booklet: With an overview of the Cleanse, a daily schedule, day-to-day meal plans, gorgeous, easy recipes with a grocery list, a colorful Smoothie recipe sheet for all summer long cleansing goodness, and Summer Integration Recipes to help you transition out of the Cleanse while maintaining healthy summer appropriate eating.
3. Point of Light Meditation: An audio recording for daily listening to help release stress and get the deep, productive sleep necessary for healing and everyday wellness.
3. A Gentle Yoga Practice: Because movement is essential for wellness, and gentle mindful movement is best for healing and purification.

We also have a private Facebook Group, where participants are invited to share their experience, recipes, tips, and support. This is always one of the most appreciated aspects of the Cleanse, as the camaraderie and community cultivated is priceless.

Learn how to offer and run Seasonal Cleanses yourself through my Ayurvedic Nutrition Training – Courses start soon!


Being Ayurvedic, this Cleanse is Whole Food, Plant-Based, nourishing, supportive, fabulously filling, delightfully delicious, plant-based, high protein, high energy, high fiber, high vitality. It helps you reset your food habits so your delightful results endure! 


Right now, this Self-guided Summer Cleanse is on sale for only $18 – a grand 75% off!  

Once you purchase you will immediately be directed to a receipt page. Click under Download to be directed to your Summer Cleanse Home page where you will find my Welcome Video +  Summer Cleanse Booklet + Yoga Video + Point of Light Mediation. Please wait after purchase for the page to redirect, and email me if you have questions ::

Thank you!



“Laura,  I’ve lost thirty pounds! Ever since I did your Cleanse, the weight has just melted away. It has been so easy, natural and healthy. I feel great!.”

Gina B


“You have to publish a book! Your recipes are SO delicious.”

Larry O

I am a Brit, so not prone to hyperbole, but I have to say I have woken up feeling absolutely amazing every day since beginning this Cleanse. Thank you Laura Plumb! x
Jacky B

I am doing fantastic! This was by far the most effective cleanse for me… Every Pitta-deranged person on the planet should do it! Sending you lots of love and gratitude!
Cheryl D

I am having so much fun with all of the recipes! My husband was satisfied & amazed at the creative use of foods.
Thank You!
Carolyn S