If women knew that they are the coming alive of this vast generative intelligence, an infinite creative power, the cosmic womb of existence, how might that change things? Would we be kinder, more connected, dedicated to justice and opportunity for all? Would we be like sisters really affirming and supporting each other no matter what ethnicity, religion or country? Would we be like mothers and aunties to all children everywhere?

The great Dr. Vandana Shiva taught me that every act of loving self care reverberates out into the world at large: a home cooked meal, your own handmade beauty products, or moments in nature – doesn’t just support your health, it rewilds your soul, while supporting those who support the wild. 

Sacred self care is a call to conscience, a call to conscious ritual, conscious living, conscious acts. True self care makes us more reflective, more heart-centered, more generous. 

And that contributes to a better world for all. 

 10 Days of Self Care | Booklet and Daily Inspiration | Free

Vedic Ecology: Self Care As Sacred Activisim | Live Event at The Chopra Center

***Painting is by one of my all timefavorite artists @anneliesolis