Ayurveda is a medicine of wholeness and energies. It does not speak in terms of isolates – so protein, carbs, even calories, is not in the ayurvedic lexicon. I feel committed to empowering people to move away from external determinations of nourishment based on separates that can only be known through scientific study and experimentation that depends upon technical instrumentation, and instead to move towards the self-reliant, self-empowering knowledge that comes through our own direct experience, through our own instruments of knowing that are the five senses – in particular, when it comes to food, our sense of taste.

All of this is in the book, including graphs and paragraphs on how to use your five senses and the six tastes to create delicious, and perfectly balanced meals. You can pre-order it now: http://bit.ly/AyurvedaCookingForBeginners

The book has 108 recipes for every season, tips to adjust recipes to each dosha, a 5-step guide to Ayurvedic eating, 4 seasonal 7-day meal plans, an overview of Ayurveda principles, and graphs and quizzes to help you learn more about yourself, Ayurvedically speaking. It has a few of the Ayurvedic favorites my Food-ALoveStory.com readers have loved over the years, but it is primarily original recipes, mostly with 5 ingredients or less, plus 4 hand-crafted, seasonal spice blends to make cooking easy.

If you buy multiple copies Amazon will immediately send you a PDF of the advance copy so you can get started today: Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners.

Thank you!

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