Shakti is the creative impulse, the womb of existence. She is often called the Divine Mother, or MA. Shakti is everywhere in nature, in the cosmos, in all of us, and in you. As the Devi, she is beauty, creativity, courage, wisdom, fertility, love.

“Goddess Durga is omnipresent. She is the personification of the Universal Mother. She is a Mother, who is present everywhere and who is the embodiment of power and energy. Great mother, who is present everywhere and who is the embodiment of Love, I bow. I bow to that mother, I bow to Durga, I bow to Shakti.” ~ Durga Stuti

I hope you enjoy this Shakti Meditation, with excerpts from the Bhairavi Strota, and chanting from one of my Shakti classes. I hope this brings you a deep sense of peace, affirmation and belonging, while reminding you of the beauty and love that is everywhere around you always.


The painting of the dancing woman above is by Annelie Solis, who can also paint your Natal Chart!

The Sri Yantra is an ancient Indian symbol depicting the vibrational form that Rishis saw during meditations when toning OM. More recently the sound OM was toned into a ‘tonoscope’, a machine that translates sound into form, resulting in the same pattern. The circle is produced on the initial ‘O’ sound and the triangles form on the ‘mmm’ sound.

I had a chance to be at your vedic devi talk at the yoga conference, I enjoyed more than words can express. Please let me know when you will offer this again. Your presence is divine and would love to make it happen.



I love your classes on the Devi/Shakti. The stories you tell as you guides us through Asana or meditation weaves a world of wonder and possibility. It expands my sense of place makes me feel both limitless and deeply grounded.  It is so powerful. Thank you!



Life changing. Utterly heart-opening, expansively elevating and life altering. Love!