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Welcome to Sisters and Sages! In these podcasts we are sharing up close and personal conversations with enlightening teachers, scrumptious sisters and inspiring sages in order to share with you their divine inspiration, the power of soul connection, and the beauty of these extraordinary people, – the beauty that is everywhere all around, all the time. 

I created Sisters & Sages because I wanted to share with you the magical conversations I was having with friends, teachers and masters from around the world – mostly to share with you their insight, humor and heart. With each interview you can choose to view an edited 10-12 minute video, or listen to a podcast of the full interview, usually about 30 minutes. 

Kia Miller, Radiant Body Yoga

Today I am interviewing Kia Miller of Radiant Body Yoga.

Kia Miller grew up in the Falkland Islands, riding horses over vast acres of wild land. She moved to England at 15, where she discovered yoga and has been studying with world-renowned teachers in India, Europe and the US ever since.

Kia is an immensely popular global teacher, who views the science and spirituality of Yoga as a path to explore our inner selves and elevate our consciousness, while creating a counter-balance to the stresses of modern life.

Her mission is to inspire, elevate and educate as many people as possible, and I must say she is a great inspiration – because of her commitment to practice, her discipline, but above all because she is so authentic, so real, and so feminine in her dynamic power.  

In our interview, filmed at Parmarth Niketan Ashram during The International Yoga Festival Kia talks about “the blossoming of emotions,” cultivating your voice to make positive change; why she thinks women are leaders in Yoga; the power of mantra, her recent realization that what she’s been seeking through Yoga may not be what she wants at all; and why she believes the world needs you- yes you – now more than ever. 

Please choose the video or podcast below to enjoy my conversation with Kia. To learn more about Kia, please visit her website. To join us in India for this year’s festival, check out my India Yatra.

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