Yoga is a beautiful practice to build strength – in body, mind and spirit. One of the great traditions from the great, unbroken stream of Yoga that comes out of the Himalayas where I sit now, that helps us build strong, is the ongoing worship of the “divine mother.”

As a principle, she is creation, creative impulse, the creative intelligence behind and supporting all existence. As such, she is in and behind all life, all beauty, all love, all healing, all growth, all creative pursuits. If you feel you could beneift by cultivating that power within you, or you just feel like saying thanks, then I invite you to join me, and Yogis, Shaktas, Tantrikas, Bhaktas and Indians across the world in celebrating MA over these nine days, called Navratri.

While we will be celebrating her as Durga, and her three-fold aspects of Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Sarawsati, you can call to her in whatever name and by whatever practice is most familiar and right for you. However you call on MA, I join you in singing praise to the cause of creation, to all that is good and great, to the opportunity to breathe, feel, move, learn, love, grow and fly free.

The Devi Sadhana Recordings


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