Have you ever noticed that certain environments give you energy and bring out the best in you? Other environments are fatiguing, depleting, stagnating for you?

Speaker, Teacher, Researcher, and Energy Worker, Dr. Kulvi Kaur is is a world-renowned speaker and has addressed audiences ranging from TEDx events to scientific conferences. She is a skilled teacher, equally at home sharing her wisdom with university students at Oxford and eighth graders in San Diego. Today she mostly teaches Yoga Teacher Trainees on the science of Yoga. 

Dr. Kulvi Kaur is internationally recognized for her work at Oxford on the application of disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry. Her recent work looks at the impact of compassion and meditation on genetic behavior.

In this conversation Kulvi gives us genetic research to affirm our spiritual practices. It was a profound and beautiful conversation. I hope you enjoy it.  🙏🏽

Find her at www.drkulvi.com


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