Meet Kim & Lynn, founders and directors of FarmTrue, and learn how Ghee brought them together, to start their beloved Ayurveda business, and how to cultivate Ojas for health and balance for whole person success in business.

Farmtrue has an unwavering commitment to be more connected – to ourselves, to each other, to nature. “By honoring the true you,” they offer self-care for optimal sleep, digestion, and energy: the three governing pillars of health. Their conviction is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, one that inspires us to eat, live, and act with more care.

In this interview Lynn and Kim share some really personal stories about difficulties and challenges they faced, which brought them to Ayurveda and to their deep, devoted friendship. They also talk about Searching for Sacred Cows, Sourcing Well, a Steadfast Connection to Nature, Offering Ojas – Building Back from a Depleted Culture, their Customer Stories of Healing,  The Power of Self Care, FarmTrue’s Process, Healing Your Brain, Tissues, and Nervous System with Ghee, Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships, Empowering Health Through Ayurveda, and the Importance of Balance for Success in Business

I’ve fallen in love with FarmTrue. My favorites are their delicious Ghee, their Vanilla Maple Ghee (so good in tea and oatmeal!), their Superfuel Latte, Ground Body Oil, and the Fix Sticks which I use every day and keep all over my house, office and car! They also have great bath salts, face and hair oils, a pulling oil, nasya oil and even an authentic traditional Chyvanprash. So check them out at https://www.farmtrue.com 🍃 

Become an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultant and help others live radiantly


  • What might your life look like in a year when you put both feet in and immerse yourself in learning Ayurvedic wisdom for yourself and your loved ones?
  • What would it feel like to engage yourself in an experience designed to up-level not only your connection to your food, the natural cycles, and ancient Vedic wisdom, but the very way by which you move through the world and move in yourself? With nourishment, grace, inner strength, clarity, and a sense of abiding peace?
  • How might things change if you knew were held, seen, supported and celebrated every step of the way by myself and a bountiful global community of fellow learners and practitioners?

My signature course Ayurveda Integrative Nutrition begins March 25th. The first three registrants receive a gift bundle from Farmtrue!

Learn all about it here.

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