Venus is joyful in spirt, has a beautiful body, is splendorous with lovely eyes, is the inspirer of poets, is watery and airy (kapha vata), and has curly hair. ~ Parashara

Venus manifests the feminine spirit. She is known as the goddess of love and beauty. Venus shows affection, inspiration, creativity, appreciation for the beautiful, and harmony in life.

Signifies art, poetry, painting, music, and dance. She is our muse. our sense of the beloved that draws out our sensitivity, refinement, gentleness.

Venus is the morning star, the light of inspiration. Our aspiration to the good, the beautiful, the pure. Our devotion to truth, she is love, and our love of truth.

In her form of Lakshmi we celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature. In her form of Saraswati, we celebrate the creative intelligence born of our highest wisdom.

Happy day of love and the coming welcome of spring.

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