Light On Jupiter

Jupiter is the Guru, the Seer, the Counsellor and the indicator of dharma. This year he is in a position to support you in bringing your dreams to light and your purpose to the world. This workshop shows you how. 



January 18, 9am PST

On Zoom

According to the sacred science of Jyotish, Jupiter is forming a planetary alignment that happens less than once a century, and which offers you now tremendous support to launch your life in the direction of your highest purpose. 

In this unique 2-hour workshop you will learn the power of Jupiter, called Guru in Sanskrit, and tools to access his potent energy this year to guide your highest calling, and live your soul’s desire for you. 

Now is a once in a lifetime moment to focus your dharma, manifest your big idea, and cultivate the joy of living magnificently.  


Only the Best

Truth, Freedom, Expansion

Jupiter wants your spirit to soar, your soul to sing, your heart to shine. Learn how Jupiter will be impacting you this year, what areas of your life, what aspects of your being, and get the tools that will bring it on. 


Jupiter: Guru

Jupiter is the wise counselor, who helps us navigate life, who guides us from darkness to light. Learn how to access this wisdom every day for an enlightened year. 


Jupiter: Dharma

Jupiter represents higher purpose, the essence of you and the gifts you have to share with our world. To live your dharma is to live the exaltation of joy.


Jupiter: Grace

Right alignment with your true nature, with natural law and with the cosmic rhythm brings ease, abundance, joy, and the flow of grace.  


Jupiter: Truth

Jupiter wants you to lean into everything you, everything true, deep at the center of your being; to trust and to live by all that is real, meaningful and authentic for you


Jupiter: Opportunities

This could be a year of opportunities for you. But will it be a flood? Learn how to manage the choices and embrace the right opportunities.


Jupiter: Expansion

Whether is it travel, higher education, or new people you meet, Jupiter will open your mind and expand your heart. Get ready for a new wind under your wings.


What People are Saying


I’m still reveling in the joy of my Jyotish session with you – it was very illuminating, inspiring and reassuring. Thank you so much!


“Radiant Energy”

You have such warmth, wisdom and a radiant energy, it’s so joyful and contagious.



Laura’s poetic way of explaining ‘the mystery’ blew my mind, like a conversation with my very essence. Thank you Laura, your gift is divine!


“Oh my god”

“It was like she was looking into my soul. It was truly beautiful, my heart was bursting with love and gratitude to be alive.”



JANUARY 18, 2020
9:00am PST

On Zoom
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