Good digestion leads to good energy, good immune function, a clear mind, and stable emotions. In fact, a good gut microbiome, as it is now being called, is so essential to wellness that it is absolutely fundamental to Ayurvedic medicine.

For that reason, Ayurveda’s timeless food traditions and digestion-enhancing recipes are foundational to the science, to disease treatment and to everyday wellness – which is why I wrote the book Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners, to give you practical understanding, hands-on know-how, and 108 fresh, seasonal and simple recipes to help you live radiantly.

You can also find over 200 free Ayurveda-inspired recipes at food-alovestory.com where I am always seeking creative, accessible ways to remind you that nature loves you. 

I wish you a happy belly, a joyful heart and a week of inspiration!

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