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The Four Seasons of Health

What Element Are You? What Are The 6 Tastes of Wellness? What Is The Best Food For You? How Can You Have More Enegy? What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Learn Ayurvedic nutrition, the six tastes, how to make every meal delicious and healthy and what are the best foods for you to eat in every season. 


Karma, Dharma and The Freedom of the Heart

Is it possible that Karma is not what is commonly thought but actually your soul’s way of helping reveal your deepest essence, your dharma, your purpose and your freedom? This is a free talk recorded live. 


A Look At The Stars

Vedic wisdom tells us that we are the coming alive of the cosmos itself, and Jyotish helps us peer into the stars and see what that means for each of us individually. In these Webinars, we explore the power of the planets to guide, empower and fill our lives with grace. 


Emotional Sovereignty

What keeps us from living the life we know we can live? What causes our blocks, stagnation, fears, distractions? Are you ready to release the old, stuck emotions and finally be free? To level up and learn to feel your feelings fully in the moment to receive th wisdom and liberate radiant energy for your life? To feel more joy? More love? More connection? 

Learn to dissolve stuck energy and be more present. This series gives you the skills to move from pain to gain, and turn emotional overwhelm into emotional sovereignty!

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