Join me March 2019 in Rishikesh for my Trip to Sacred India + Ganga Yoga Training

Paying it back, Paying it forward with Ganga Yoga Teacher Training

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Your class was one of the true highlights of my weekend! I am so inspired by you and so grateful for your existence. Thank you!


Thank you for one of the most life enhancing classes I’ve been to in the past few years. I am profoundly grateful and looking forward to  any other events that arise from your world. My heart is so happy and light…thank you for all of your boundless and attentive love demonstrated so effortlessly, I am so deeply inspired I’m having a challenging time finding enough words…Thank you 


Your beloveds are infinitely expanded and softened by your silent, knowing grace Laura. I will always remember how you phoned me with such words of comfort while in the hospital just after my father passed, as if you could feel his passing as it was happening. Those of us lucky enough to have you in our lives know you move as the angels do, silently and steadily giving and giving.