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“There is no better boat than a horoscope
to help one cross over the sea of life.”
~ Sage Varahamihara

Jyotish is a sister science of Ayurveda, originating from the same great tree of Vedic knowledge. It is an ancient tradition that studies the movement of the earth, moon and planets and their influence on human life. Jyotish literally translates from Sanskrit as “the science of light.” Ultimately it is a study of the light of you!

In Jyotish, we don’t think of people in terms of their sun sign. Instead, we enter the chart through the “ascendant,” the constellation that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of a person’s birth. This sets up the relationship between the planets and the houses, the energies of your life and the areas in which they will play out.

We think of a person first in terms of the ascendant. Then we look at the Moon, as the moon illuminates how you think, feel, relate, reflect, remember, react, interact with others, with ourselves, and with day-to-day life. Jyotish refines the insight into the mind by looking at Nakshatras, 13.20-degree sections of the sky that give great detail into one’s mental and emotional temperament. It is truly fascinating and so accurate!

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Reading Your Chart

The numbers in the chart refer to the Rashis, or constellations: 1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3. Gemini, 4. Cancer, 5. Leo, 6. Virgo, 7. Libra, 8. Scorpio, 9. Sagittarius, 10. Capricorn, 11 Aquarius, 12. Pisces

The diamonds and triangles are the Bhavas, or houses: The top diamond is the first house. Going anti-clockwise, the downward pointing triangle next to it, to the left, is the second house. Counting around, you can add in each house number until you get to the downward-pointing triangle on the upper right, the 12th house.

Planets give energy, signs give support, houses indicate the field of activity, or where the energy plays out.

Wholly & Authentically You! 

Jyotish helps you realize your true nature and purpose –
and what could be more joyful, rewarding and generative than that?
To be truly and wholly you?!
Whole in You!

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Thank you Laura!!! I have really felt so grounded since our session. I feel so energized just knowing how the sun and moon move above, below and through me with the signs… Wow!! I Appreciate You!!


Thank you so much bright Star! What a beautiful session and it was lovely to meet you. Such gentle energy. I will be sure to keep in touch and let you know how things unfold. 


Thank you for listening. You are the voice in me that guides my path. You show me clarity and wisdom that I miss to see. It is wonderful to be close to you.


Working through problems with Laura is refreshing. She is always grounded, present, and insightful. Her manner of communication is compassionate and from the heart. I have had much success in transforming problems into healing opportunities with her guidance.