Are you Kapha? Kapha gives and gives with a steady generosity. Think of our teachers, nurses, counselors, and mamas who are always there with calm comfort, compassion, and wise counsel.

Kaphas are sweet, steady, devoted, nurturing, caring, supportive, open-armed, big-hearted, warm and embracing. They often love cooking, blending botanicals and essential oils, gardening, gathering and cuddling.

With your qualities of water and earth you are the stability that binds friends, unites families and holds together our world. Kaphas offer the shoulder to cry on, the birthday remembrances, the invitation to come home, to have a cup of tea, and relax. 

To be Kaphalicious:

• Wake up every day at sunrise
• Start each day with rigorous exercise
• Practice breath of fire in the morning to stimulate circulation
• Consider Peganism – not paganism, but pegan, which means a protein focused, plant powered goddess
• Spice your meals: ginger, cinnamon, clove, pepper are good spices for you
• Spice your life: change things up, try new things, challenge yourself
• Dance more, laugh more, shake it up as often as you can
• Love, as you do so well, but with an attitude of trust and acceptance
• Inspire yourself with a higher purpose, practice, ideal or spiritual presence.
• Allow yourself to feel the fullness of your beautiful heart and let it shine!

Kapha, you are the living embodiment of our mother nature’s beauty, bounty, and bodacity –
kaphaliciously showering the world with connection and care.

Thank you for being so sumptuously you.


To support your radiant wellness:

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Life-changing. Your approach is so refreshing, so compassionate, so truly holistic. I feel seen.
Grateful 🙏🏽


After exploring Ayurveda with you I feel so empowered! My energy has returned and I feel ready to take the next steps on my journey of full recovery. I am so grateful!


I first met with Laura to help me deal with some personal issues. She is very kind and puts you at ease. Her knowledge and passion to help others is limitless. She gave me the tools I needed to move forward and with her guidance I now feel I have the strength and courage to accomplish my goals. She is definitely a talented soul and an asset to anyone’s journey!

K. B.

Laura is a dream come true. A kind, gentle soul is very rare to find and she has all the great divine qualities. You instantly feel so comfortable in her presence. She’s helped me a great deal to lower my blood pressure and reduce the toxic drugs prescribed that made me feel worse. I highly recommend Laura. Her graceful attitude will take you to a higher divine level. She is a divine soul, healer and compassionate angel.

Yanick B.

Laura is caring, kind, wise, intuitive, nurturing. She has helped me adjust to improve my health. She is, ‘Simply the Best’.

Jacky B.