Are you Pitta dosha?

Pitta people light up our world. You bring us color, vision, clarity, focus, enthusiasm, passion and adventure! You are strong when the going gets tough, and motivating when the going gets rough. You shine a light so we can see the way forward, and you offer a vision we can rally around.

Plus, you are a perfectionist! At times you may need to take a deep breath, sip a long glass of water, slow the flow, even take a pause to stop and smell the roses.

Remind yourself that everything is already perfect – in fact everything is good, great, majestic – and you are exactly the right person at the right time, exactly where you need to be. All is unfolding beautifully.

To be Pittalicious:

• Drink lots of water preferably room temperature with coconut, mint, lime, and/or fruit or cucumber slices.
• Make lunch your biggest meal, including cooling foods and spices like lettuce, arugula, leafy greens, mint, fennel, coriander, cilantro.
• Get to sleep by 10 PM. Rest and allow yourself the peace of letting go.
• Swim, surf, bike, walk to move and release the Pitta energy.
• Meditation clears the mind and invites ease. Meditate on the mantra: I am OK, everything is all right, I am exactly where I need to be, I am a living ray of light, living my life on purpose and from the heart.


Remember Pitta, your radiance, warmth and spirit light up our world.
You are what we need to see the beauty and the majesty of life.

We love and appreciate you – thank you for being our leaders, coaches, visionaries.

To support your radiant wellness:

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Laura is so welcoming, so warm, so wise and so loving. I just cannot say enough. She has nurtured me back to vibrant health, and also to a new sense of purpose and joy.


After exploring Ayurveda with you I feel so empowered! My energy has returned and I feel ready to take the next steps on my journey of full recovery. I am so grateful!


Life-changing. Your approach is so refreshing, so compassionate, so truly holistic. I feel seen.
Grateful 🙏🏽


Laura is a dream come true. A kind, gentle soul is very rare to find and she has all the great divine qualities. You instantly feel so comfortable in her presence. She’s helped me a great deal to lower my blood pressure and reduce the toxic drugs prescribed that made me feel worse. I highly recommend Laura. Her graceful attitude will take you to a higher divine level. She is a divine soul, healer and compassionate angel.


Laura has helped me clear up my gut issues. I’ve gone from being very uncomfortable most of the time to feeling light, energized, productive and clear. Plus, Laura has shown me what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare my meals, what spices to add for optimal digestion, and how to get a better night of sleep. It’s changed my life!