Are you primarily Vata dosha?

Everyone has all five elements, but Vata has a predominance of space or air, making them free-thinking, free-floating, free-flying, air-bending avatars. Always moving, they keep us on our toes. Life is never boring with a well nourished Vata.

Curious, creative, communicative, our Vatas inspire, innovate, enliven. A Vata person might be inventive, academic, artistic or spiritual.

With a lighter frame and an active mind, they can seem like the wind, which means they benefit from grounding practices, gentle touch, warm food and friendships.



To be Vatalicious:

• Give yourself a daily morning oil massage. Sesame oil is best for Vata dosha
• Include healthy fats (ghee!) in your diet
• Enjoy warm cooked meals at regular times each day
• Sip warm liquids throughout the day, especially ginger lemon tea, cumin-corinader-fennel tea, or spice tea
• Seduce sleep: soak in a lavender epsom salt bath and get to bed early
• Give yourself gentle kindnesses all the time
• Take deep breaths, breathing into your feet as if they could grow roots
• Forward bends are calming. Drop forward any time anxiety rises.
• Remind yourself every day that you are perfect, whole and complete exactly as you are.
• Allow yourself to feel yourself as you the clear, spacious sky, the uplifting winds of life, the pollinators, seed bearers, winged generators of beauty, the song of creation in perpetual adoration of life itself.


If you are Vata, you are the gift of life seeking its highest expression and inviting us all along.
Thank you for serving life, its generative and regenerative powers, as you do.


To support your radiant wellness:

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Life-changing. Your approach is so refreshing, so compassionate, so truly holistic. I feel seen.
Grateful 🙏🏽


After exploring Ayurveda with you I feel so empowered! My energy has returned and I feel ready to take the next steps on my journey of full recovery. I am so grateful!


Guidance from a divine being! Laura’s counsel took me to next level of my life. Deep and insightful she guided me on a path of next steps to take, and it was delivered with love and support. Truly a gift given by an earth angel.


Thank you Laura for encouraging the fount of Yes!


All that you are sharing has been so clear and easy to follow for ALL. The way you have laid it all out is cohesive and simple.  Just want to acknowledge your beautiful heart which is so evident in all that you do.  Thank you!