Pumpkin Love: Poetry in a Pie

Pumpkin Love: Poetry in a Pie

Pumpkin is like a mother: embracing, enhancing, enveloping. Whatever you give to pumpkin she holds, highlights, softens, affirms. Have you ever noticed, for instance, the way pumpkin embraces ginger, softens into cinnamon, rises up for nutmeg. She is...

Creamy Molee

Everyone loves a good curry, and this creamy coconut molee is extra lovable. Delicious with either fish or tofu, it’s an impressive centerpiece for company, yet incredibly easy to prepare.

Dressing Up with Cardamom

What do you feel like eating these days? After all the cake, cookies, bread, rich foods and sweet drinks? I don’t know about you, but in between the holiday celebrations I want plain and simple: simple to make, simple to eat and, frankly, simple to digest. So...

Rest & Nourish for Autumn

During the delightful season of Autumn, according to Ayurveda, strength, energy and vibrant health are maintained by increasing the elements of Fire and Water in ourselves to counter the increase of the Air element in the Fall environment. We increase this “fire” by...